Note: Emine Eroglu’s editorial piece that officials, who took over Zaman Daily newspaper, did not let it to be published. Publishing policy of Zaman Daily newspaper has changed after the police took over the newspaper by forcefully breaking its doors. The editorial columns are now not published, because of the orders of new trustees not to publish them.

Being Muslim Like You

A Muslim borrows money from a Jew neighbour. When the due date comes up, he rejects it, and blames his neighbour to be a liar. The argument grows. They end up before the judge. The Jew who lent money neither signs a contract nor asks for a document because he trusted his neighbour. Under these conditions the judge cannot make a decision. The only solution left is to curse.

The Muslim says with rage: ‘O God, if my evidence is not correct, let me die as a Jew!’

The Jew’s curse however is very interesting:

“I swear on the Old Testament! If I say anything wrong, I shall become a Muslim like you.”

Being Muslim Like You

Master Sadi from Shiraz says that he feels like laughing when he heard of his swear, because it describes a religiosity which has no morals. A thief and a hijacker Muslim. A liar and a slanderer Muslim. A capricious and hateful Muslim. A tyrant and oppressor Muslim. A Muslim who has no fear of Allah.

Not truth seeking but leader worshipping, power worshipping, interest seeking, and inevitably idol worshipping Muslim.

A heart of Muslim either belief never visited, or entered but could not find room to stay.

In short, a Muslim who cannot be a Muslim because he has not become one among the people of the book.

Master Sadi’s laughter becomes our cry when the identity of ‘Muslim like you!’ becomes typologies dominate life and power. Even more if they had taken over the power. In Necip Fazıl’s saying “This is the worst catastrophe of Islam!’ Then, what is called a political party becomes a tool to deceive those Muslims who are emotional but weak reasoned. This identity of disunion (or faction) would ruin the great Islamic revolution by ruining wisdom, reason, knowledge, and pure faith. It would give the unbelief and heresy the sense of ‘Oh! This is Islam!’ In short, this is the worst degree of betrayal!” (from Rapor 6, 1979)

Qur’an describes these people as ‘Those who turn their religion into a game and entertainment, and deceive themselves with the worldly life’ (En’am, 70) Said Nursi describes them in his book called Mektubat (The Letters) as ‘consciousness who are degraded themselves at best, those who sell their religion for the world. Those who exchange diamonds of truth with useless glass pieces (such as palaces, to statues, to applauds, etc.) hypocrite snakes in disguise of human being”  and Nursi reminds the saying that ‘to remind these unfortunate people the truth is like ornamenting a cow with pearl necklace.’

The Fear of ‘Being like them’

The Pleasure of ‘Not being like them’

They have reminded us the fear of Hell, yes! But not through the torture they have applied to us but with the disguised identities they have appeared with…

We have started fearing more from being like them than fearing from their evils we seek refuge from… Moreover ‘Not to be like them’ has become a life goal for us. Let alone the leaders, in order not to be like any of the names that are mentioned by the oppression, we have become strong enough to be able to stand all the calamities of the world.

Only that we do not become ‘Muslim like them’!

In the past we used to be grateful for the things we have done as good deeds, now we have learned to be grateful for the evil that we have not been committed and committing..

What a great gift not to be a slave of statues and money.. Not to have to praise the oppressor in order to exist. Not to change position according to a tyrant’s orders that change every day.. ‘Not to combine personal interest with those who have political illwish of invaders..

Praise be to God that we do not steal.. We do not remain silent against all the stealing going on.. We do not utter words towards oppressed that start with ‘but you are also…’ Praise be to God that ‘We do not sell slogans’..

The truth reminding voice of the preacher has always been telling us who we need to become for all these years. Now we are learning who we should not become by the example of those who worship power.. Praise be to God for this as well.

The Subject and the Object of Catastrophes

Despite all the pressures, continuing to be one of the best seller newspaper in Turkey, still taking over Zaman Daily newspaper could only be explained in one way since the situation has nothing to do with justice and law: Evil.. As a group of jealousy, hatred, grudge, enmity, greed, and the feeling of revenge..

All are among the characteristics that burn down and extinguish all the good in one’s good deeds and good wishes just like a fire would burn down the wood.. It would turn the subject into blind, deaf, and heartless, and not being able to remain human anymore..

Remember what Master Hasan Basri says: ‘I haven’t seen anyone who seems like an oppressed more than the one who has grudge and jealousy in his heart.’ Doesn’t he remind us the harm that jealousy cause in one who is jealous? Doesn’t he remind us the God’s law that the evil will return back to one who commits to it?

Isn’t the oppressor the slave of his own oppression, the victim of his own attacks, the object of the catastrophes himself called for?

Isn’t their hands will be tied down to those necks of people who think they cause to throw up blood, they oppress unmercifully..

If they talk about calamity, isn’t it enough of a calamity for the oppressor just to be the one who oppress others?

Aren’t those judges and prosecutors going to spend the rest of their lives with the stain of jailing innocent business people, who spent their lives by serving the good, with some unfounded accusations that they helped a terrorist organisation? Not only a stain on their forehead, a shame but also their families, their children and grandchildren will carry in this world and in the world to come.

Isn’t the police officer who command saying ‘Sweep these women from here!’ ‘Throw them away down there!’ is actually commanding for his own freewill to degrade himself?

Aren’t those leprosis people, whom everyone obey their commands to, actually scratching their own wounds with their dirty nails?

Then, let them do their own choice between two worst case scenarios?

Let those who help each other in oppression and evil think about it!

Let those who prepare the trap and who dig the grave ponder on it!

We, like Prophet (pbuh) and his companions, like his grandchildren Hasan and Huseyin (who are also suffered in the hands of oppressors), like Abu Hanife and Ahmad ibn Hanbal, like Imam Rabbani and Geylani, Hasan Shazali and Nursi, be grateful for the sufferings we are going through!

Let us feel the pleasure of being able to scream the truth of Nursi’s saying “Even if you turn the world into fire on our heads, we will not obey you as we only obey the justice and truth of the Qur’an!”

And yes, let’s not even show a sign of negativity and complaint!

11th March 2016


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